Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tomorrow is Father's day. I really don't know what or how to act because the sentiment is a special one to me. This will be my first Father's day with my baby girl, and today maybe we were just hearing things, but after saying I love you to her, she simply reply with the cutest baby voice "I love you"

I know that she has no idea of what the day represents or that she needed to go to the nearest Longs Drugs to get me a card. But, what it does means to me is that I want to be a father to her; period. I haven't read some cool manuals or books with DVDs for the instruction. My intuition is to make her the best loved, best hugged, best kissed, best taken care of.

The way that she smiles at me every morning, the laughters, the "da da, da da, dadddy", the hugs, the feeding, the dirty diapers, and the way that she holds on to me when I hold her is enough to remind me that I need to be the best father to this little girl. She's my little girl, my baby, my precious gift from God that my wife and I are accountable for, and that makes this Father's day a special one. Anyone can have sex and produce a baby, but to be a father to that baby separates him from the crowds of boys; and can proudly say to himself "this is truly my day, and Happy Father's Day"

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