Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Something about the rain that brings the raw emotions, the introspective out of me. Or maybe that I can't go anywhere so the meditative is more pensive than ever. Anywho, I feel and know that I am totally BLESSED. This is not the "rain" talking and no, there is no funny stuff in my diet Mountain Dew. I really do know that I am blessed and am thankful. There is lots of stuff that could really get me down right now, but why think about that? When I am surrounded with blessings and people who are a blessing. Sure, there are those folks who are not such a blessing, but there will be the reminder of how I appreciate my friends and family who are a blessings. Even the trials and the hard time, they also remind me of the good times and the joy.


Leaves fallen as the air diminished
my feet are above ground from this coldness
these hands are like bullet, firing nothing
but a gentle breeze resides as you come along to whisper
that the coldness is nice and that; heat rises
as it get colder but so does the warmth, if we stay together.

i am thankful...

(c) jackratana 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She makes me smiles....

I love this face, both of them. The very reason(s) why I go to work, and work hard to make a life for this face(s). She makes my day, I look forward to coming home and seeing these face(s). She is my biggest fan, laughs at all of my jokes (thus far), eat my food (well what her mom makes), smiles at, starting to kiss me, hugs me (when she is tired and I'm holding her), she plays with me, she is the face that reminds me of her beautiful mother and how blessed I am. We will face the future together, the happy time, the sad time and hopefully we will face each other when I walk her down the aisle and as I bless her with the biggest daddy's kiss. She will face her future and hopefully some day, faces a face like this of her own and be so blessed as I am today.

This picture is to remind her to "Think Different" don't follow, be a leader.

Things are always looking up, one step at a time.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

At the Montage Laguna with Bill Patterson

Today was such a good day...I love it when I can shoot at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, either for wedding, or corporate. Today was for Mazda North American Operations. Bill Patterson art was being presented to the new Dealer Council. Bill is a great artist, we were able to hang out and stroll the scenery and had lunch together. After the presentation today he was on his way to Arizona to do another corporate event and I am heading back to the Montage again for more corporate shoot. I am really blessed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nick & Katie

I am so blessed to have good friends period. But extra blessed to have talented friends who are photographers that can come shoot weddings with me. Yesterday was Nick and Katie's big day. It was a long day but oh so sweet. Katie was so gorgeous with her beautiful dress, and also her bride's maid add to this perfect day.

These two shots are courtesy of my good friend Christine Bentley, she is so talented and we were blessed to have her shoot with us.
This picture is my gift to Nick & Katie,
it made my day when Katie first saw it
and started to cry. It's all about connecting with people

These two shots are courtesy of my good friend Katie Noelle Photo
Katie was like the stealth bomber. She was quiet but very alert and had great suggestion just like Christine; she brought it and her images showed.
These two shots are courtesy of my good friend Christine Bentley

These two shots are courtesy of my good friend Katie Noelle Photo