Sunday, August 31, 2008

At the Getty...

We went to the Getty LA yesterday, and oh it was so much fun. I've ask my friend Jonathan to meet me there and bust out his new Cannon40D to capture the day with me, and the pictures were stellar.

We were also so blessed to have our friend Helen with us, we had soooooo much fun and took so much pictures there. August Sanders a German photographer who photographed subjects from all walks of life and created a typological catalogue of more than six hundred photographs of the German people. Although the Nazis banned the portraits in the 1930s because the subjects did not adhere to the ideal Aryan type, Sander continued to make photographs. Helen pointed out that there were several Jewish portraits photo for passports displayed there. I wonder how many of the ones photographed made it out, but for sure it got me thinking.

I captured this, while the sun was going down and got some flares and made Helen shine with framing glows.

Helen is an incredible human being and a great friend to us. We totally love her and I told her yesterday that when she gets married, I want to photograph them at the Getty lawn. She will make one man very blessed and lucky some day....more blessed than luck fo-sho.

and this girl? what's up with her? look at the lady behind her laughing...she's funny.

and this is her hot mama....

Her papa is pretty cool in this picture, don't you think?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plumerias for your Wednesday

I don't care much about flowers but these one are from my yard...and I totally LOVE them. The fragrance, the colors, the symbolism....

Oh and this girl...I like her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My good friends; The Croteau

We love these guys, please pray for their youngest daughter Theia, she is not feeling well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet Leilani.....

My girl.....can't help it.
She's sitting white, Plumeria glows
as she wade towards
her toes

She looks aside
and sees the beauty that God made
sanctuary strawberry-ade
as she sigh...

and sees her dad...without a flash
she glows as the Plumeria
so sweet by the hours
oh sweet

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Ukuleles gently weep...

I got some sleep last night, again from a long week and loo-oog nights of baby girl being fussy. It's a good thing that we don't have any photo shoot this weekend.
I just update my linkedin this morning, come and join my network or networks.
Hey, did you hear? They have captured Bigfoot! but later found to be bogus.
One of the best thing about Saturday morning for me is....ready....wait for it.....Hawaiian Coffee. The last time I was in Hawaii, we bought tons of Kona Coffee from Lions coffee (which is da best bra!)

and with that I am listening to Daniel Ho and Herb Ohta, Jr. on the Ukuleles....ahh....can't get any better than that.
My best girl is in the kitchen making the best breakfast and baby han-han is in her "Playstation" eating a plastic bowl for breakfast.

We are growing Plumerias in our jealous are you?.....hummm...just like our yards in Makiki

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today 8.9.08 is better than 8.8.08 for the Magallanes' fam.

Terry Magallanes is successful in everything that he touches. We have been friends for a while now, and just today that I really see the real Terry Mag. He is a good father, husband and a friend.

I remember when Emma was just born, seems like yesterday. Her personality is just like Terry, very outgoing, very easy to connect with and definitely got the look from her mom, Dori.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I feel blessed, don't you?

Everything seems healthy, baby girl finally stop crying (after a week of tears) and now feeling better, got good food to eat, places to go, working, family, and overall I am really looking forward to where I am going in life. Not just in general, but with all the spontaneities in every situation I am in. I thank God Almighty that I am not stuck in creating (capturing images, painting, writing or in music) cause in every photo shoot, poem, painting, or playing instruments I can use whatever that is around me for motivations, inspirations, and illustrations. Thus, makes everything fresh and new for everything that I do. We can be at the same place, with the same people or even close to the same time taking the same pictures; but, it will never be the same. There will be variables that changes from one to another....

Have you stepped out side today? breathe in the fresh air? jump up and spin around? take your shoes off and walk on fresh cut grass? look up at the vast blue skies? look out side your windows and see the birds? all of these things will remind you, why? and why not? and if you haven't done these things, I encouraged you to go to a place where you can do this. It will make your weekend last a little longer than normal and your life a little fuller than 7am this morning. The present is not the present anymore, it's now the past, all we

Think about that.....


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Freedom to ......

Can you fill in the blank from the title? well I can. Last night I was at a cool gathering for photographer, wedding photographer to be specific at the Sheraton LAX . David Jay and the lovely Jasmine Star "Free to Succeed Tour" I was so amped and got there quite early, early enough to sit in the second row (I want to sit in the front but didn't want to get picked on for modeling, just shy that way...he he) any how, eh hem. It was ALL good, know what I mean? you don't? well...those two are like the coolest kids on the block. David talked about the business, pricing, work flow, keeping it F.I.T (ask me later what it means) Jasmine broke it down like a break dancer, I loved it when she said "Fake the Funk" (ask me that later) where she came from and what she is doing now. Oh boy, the four hours was like 15 min at the movies. It was entertaining, educating, and very practical.

So I just want to give DJ and J* props for kicking butts on the bus all over the US making people (photographers) stoked for what they do, and having more Freedom to.......well you fill in the blanks now.

Also, I want to shout out to Christopher Wren, Katie Akamine, and Troy Grover...cause you guys kept it real...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Double Whammy...

Wow, I think we have just hit the jackpot. We struck gold with 2 of the most painful growth spurt for babies; one is teething and the other is ear infection.

It started yesterday with baby girl having 103 temperature and had to go to the emergency room. The doctor gave her antibiotics and a kiss on the forehead and told us to go home. At the hospital she was waving at everybody smiling at the nurses, blowing kisses to the onlooker, until....until she got home and the wailing begin. She would not let Sharon out of her sight and cries on the hour every hour. We usually can handle her crying but last night was like a haunted pitch of a wailing felines lamenting. Lamenting to Mama, Papa, where are you? and why can't you stop this hurts? and where are my pain pills?(jk)

My heart breaks....I felt like it was being pull out and slosh unto a gargantuan germination of infants pain. The double whammy of superlative traumas. I would gladly have taken her place and rescued my little girl from her first torment and discomfort.

Sharon stayed home with her today and try so very hard to get her to drink and eat but she only consumed the very few that we try to give her. Frustration has set in for the both of us, no-doubt from the lack of sleep and the undeniable pain that we feel as mom and dad. The feeling of helplessness has crippled us, all we can do is pray and try to give her medicines prescribes by the physicians. At length, we are still a little reluctant to give her the doses continually from all the countless horrors stories.

Good times of being mom and dad
"it a wrong day to stop sniffing glue" (a quote from Airplanes)

This is baby girl on a happier time...I think?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Christopher

We woke up early this morning to take part in a baby dedication at my church; baby Christopher. He is so adorable and already taken after the handsomeness of his big bro Josiah. We love this family mucho.

Jonathan and Adrienne have been such a great friends to us and such a blessing to Refuge body of Christ. They will be heading to Africa next year for a long term mission trip and I am planning to do a short term mission to support them. Hopefully, will bring back lots of picture for you guys. Make sure to check back for posting on that. GBY

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am in pursuit of this perfect light,
guided by this instant
I am changed in this moment
As my passion grow for it, love for it
As I yearned for the upcoming
For me to know the time and date is not so
But then sustained, retain…. here until

August 2 Baby Proofing Day

Well hello there, sorry haven't written for a week. Seems like it gets busier and busier each month here in Orange County. Lately, people seems to be driving faster and faster, careless and unaware of other people around them. I guess the accident really affected me and how I look at my surrounding nowadays. Now that my baby will be a year old in Sept, I am very afraid of how she will adapt to her surrounding. The whole nature versus nurture theory that I've studied in college did a hula-hoop and came back to remembrance that no matter how you have raised her at home, she is well to adapt to her life outside of home. Today my wife and I will go though the house and baby proof everything, including our strategies in raising her.

I was at the mall the other day and couldn't help seeing groups of teenagers just doing what teenagers do, shop, being silly and very audible in everything that they do. My attention wasn't at them but couldn't help noticing that these behaviors hasn't really change or anything new was being done. The things that amplified was that the girls seems to think that wearing bathing suit is acceptable at a public mall but, who am I to judge when everything is being taught in school that everything is acceptable and "do as you feel"

The first thing I saw this morning was my baby looking at my face, again with her cutest overtone "da-da, da-da" my heart must have jumped and double the beat from her calling. I love that, I love everything about being a dad. I know it's not the easiest thing but it is the "natural" thing. She will see me at my worst and at my best. I know she will always be looking (just like every Saturday mornings) at me for directions and suggestions. So, how do I raise this child who is now beautiful, cute, intelligent and I think already loves to shop? (and she is only 10 months old - this is not a good thing please see I have a tough path ahead of me, lots of work to be done, lots of patience's and endurance to convinced her that God is love. He is good, all the time not only the "good" times but also the bad time and that He has a plan for her (and that plan is good - Jer 29:11).

I want to teach her that our nature is sinful (never had to teach her to be bad) but we have choices to make between the good and the bad. Everything that we do can bless someone or can tear that person down. Our words matters, our actions matters and we are accountable to every actions and words.

I want to tell her that she matters; her opinion counts and that she is important. I want to tell her that RESPECT is number one and honor is as important.

Wow, baby proofing day is hard, but here we come...