Monday, September 29, 2008

H = 1

A year ago on this day at 11:09am; our daughter Hannah came into our world and into our family. It was an emotional time because we've waited a long time for her. We were watching the video from her birth and tears filled our eyes as all of what we were feeling that time, flooded back.
Today is a bittersweet day as we realize she is growing up but also that we love all that she is and slowly becoming independent as each day goes by. We are thankful for her, more so, thankful for the God who gave her to us. She is a gift that God bestowed on us. We remember that God was, is, and will forever be faithful to us in everything. Hannah sums it best in her latest increasing vocabulary where she says "Jesus!" Oh how sweet that little voice that speaks volumes of truth and reminds us as parents that everything should be given to Jesus, especially Hannah..

So, Happy 1st Birthday to our sweetest gift of a baby girl......
Mom and Dad

These are her friends

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday morning with Baby Jordan and family, Part 1

Have you guys ever had this happen to you? When you just got done doing something fun but it was "work" and it's like part 1 of your adventure, and part 2 of your excitement is to get to your destination to complete the task?

Well, it happened to me today. I was at a photo shoot this morning at a beautiful destination, for a beautiful baby and her family. We had a little waiting period at the beginning but the whole session only took a total of 30 minutes and from that 30 minutes over four hundred shots was the fruit of our morning session. Here are 8 for starters. Come back later to check out Part 2 of our lake session.

I keep looking at my camera screen and was so stoked by this beautiful baby and her family.

After the session, I was on my way home to upload to my Mac, but during my travel I felt this excitement and was so stoked to see how it turned out...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shannon Quintana shines like the Sonshine.

We just got back from Sonshine bookstore & coffee shop,
where Shannon Quintana sang her heart out.
Starlin got the brightest smile

I just have to say that Jessie is a full-on STUD
and such an example to me of how a good husband is

The setting was warm with families and friends
as Shannon took us through her life through songs.

Her voice reminds me of comfort, she tells her stories well.

The pattern of her strums, the ranges of her voice, the narrative of her integrity,
we all met Shannon Quintana with open arms and hearts,
and to the Son that she serves.

Check out her website

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We went for a walk today in the late afternoon, and I couldn't help but feel absorbed, steep, imbue, infused, pervaded, permeate with saturation.

purple glides supply
as green gloom with fresh perfumes
blue follows as their feet thrust and push away
as lonely, as hollow, as wide
the hand tics

by this shadows of my heart
stand by this point that pierces...
this way, through the drops I follow...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I really love what I do....Photography is in my DNA and I can not help but get inspired by my clients. I was so blessed this afternoon to do a shoot with Adrienne, Kristin, Erica and Jillian.

These sisters are so beautiful that made my job so easy and flawlessly executed. At first we were stuck in a long line of photographers at this spot on this beautiful and famous beach. But at the same time, I love that I have the freedom to explore and think out of the box, and not be subjective to a "spot" where everyone is at; especially when I have such a beautiful canvas to paint on.

I'm so stoked for Erica for her trip to Europe. Have fun a take lots of pictures.

This one is my favorite!