Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Double Whammy...

Wow, I think we have just hit the jackpot. We struck gold with 2 of the most painful growth spurt for babies; one is teething and the other is ear infection.

It started yesterday with baby girl having 103 temperature and had to go to the emergency room. The doctor gave her antibiotics and a kiss on the forehead and told us to go home. At the hospital she was waving at everybody smiling at the nurses, blowing kisses to the onlooker, until....until she got home and the wailing begin. She would not let Sharon out of her sight and cries on the hour every hour. We usually can handle her crying but last night was like a haunted pitch of a wailing felines lamenting. Lamenting to Mama, Papa, where are you? and why can't you stop this hurts? and where are my pain pills?(jk)

My heart breaks....I felt like it was being pull out and slosh unto a gargantuan germination of infants pain. The double whammy of superlative traumas. I would gladly have taken her place and rescued my little girl from her first torment and discomfort.

Sharon stayed home with her today and try so very hard to get her to drink and eat but she only consumed the very few that we try to give her. Frustration has set in for the both of us, no-doubt from the lack of sleep and the undeniable pain that we feel as mom and dad. The feeling of helplessness has crippled us, all we can do is pray and try to give her medicines prescribes by the physicians. At length, we are still a little reluctant to give her the doses continually from all the countless horrors stories.

Good times of being mom and dad
"it a wrong day to stop sniffing glue" (a quote from Airplanes)

This is baby girl on a happier time...I think?

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