Sunday, August 31, 2008

At the Getty...

We went to the Getty LA yesterday, and oh it was so much fun. I've ask my friend Jonathan to meet me there and bust out his new Cannon40D to capture the day with me, and the pictures were stellar.

We were also so blessed to have our friend Helen with us, we had soooooo much fun and took so much pictures there. August Sanders a German photographer who photographed subjects from all walks of life and created a typological catalogue of more than six hundred photographs of the German people. Although the Nazis banned the portraits in the 1930s because the subjects did not adhere to the ideal Aryan type, Sander continued to make photographs. Helen pointed out that there were several Jewish portraits photo for passports displayed there. I wonder how many of the ones photographed made it out, but for sure it got me thinking.

I captured this, while the sun was going down and got some flares and made Helen shine with framing glows.

Helen is an incredible human being and a great friend to us. We totally love her and I told her yesterday that when she gets married, I want to photograph them at the Getty lawn. She will make one man very blessed and lucky some day....more blessed than luck fo-sho.

and this girl? what's up with her? look at the lady behind her laughing...she's funny.

and this is her hot mama....

Her papa is pretty cool in this picture, don't you think?


ash said...

oooohhh, the Getty. I'm jealous! sounds like an awesome time. Maybe some day we'll be good enough friends that we'll be invited to cool places with you. I'll have to ask helen how to get VIP status in Club Rantana.

VIP=Very Intriguing Personality, right?


Ash, you guys are welcome any time! You know you have the VIP card to the Ratanas.