Monday, December 22, 2008

A Thank You Note from Renee....


Thank You once again for providing Steven and I with such wonderful memories of our wedding day.

Ours was not a ‘standard” wedding for sure. Although I suspect there is no such thing as the average wedding. But with Steven’s accident and time in the hospital we were making changes to plans till the very last minute. And throughout it all you were absolutely so accommodating. I never once worried that we’d have the ceremony beautifully captured—whether it was in the hospital bed, the hospital chapel, or at the country club. With everything else on my mind that weekend the one thing I did not have to worry about was the photographer! Thank You for giving me that extra piece of mind.

More important than the logistics of the event are the actual photographs. And I simply could not be more delighted. You captured the essence of the happiness that day. People who see the pictures remark on how beautifully you captured the “feeling” of the ceremony and reception. The loving looks in eyes, the big smiles, the tender moments of handholding, and the joy in the faces of friends and family. I was amazed to see the photos because I actually don’t remember “seeing” you much at the wedding! Somehow you found a way to be invisible and yet captured all the moments, big and small. That made the day so special.

As you know, I wasn’t looking for a “traditional” photographer. I wanted someone to spend less time on the posed photos and more time on the energy, excitement, joy, and love surrounding Steven and I that day. You did that perfectly!!!

You were there to take our first photos as a couple, to take the final pictures of our wonderful kitty before he left us, and now for the most special of days, our wedding. And I look forward to having you capture many more of our life moments as time goes by.

Thanks again!



Kate Noelle said...

How cool to get such a nice letter from a client! Way to go Jack! I bet that feels amazing to know you're appreciated like that!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I love the lighting on this one....awesome!!!