Tuesday, December 2, 2008

persona |pərˈsōnə|

persona |pərˈsōnə| the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others.

December is here, and I can't believe it's cold. Orange County's December is not the same as East Coast December (not that I know any better, never been to the East Coast yet....but I've heard that it's cold there?) must keep warm...that's what I says. I find my self reflecting, couldn't help it because the weather is the cause of my deepness....any who, I was just thinking about the word persona. As you can see and read from the above definition.....what it means to me is, what I "put out" and what others "put in". The two "Ps" me = presented and you = perceived. Now let's look at these four pictures of my daughter presented. I wonder if she thinks of what you are thinking now? does it matter of how she is being perceived as you scroll down this page and as your thoughts flutters, words flies, emotions?

Just being her cute little self is....presented, perceived. In her little 13 months old mind, she is, and that's it.

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Bentley Studios said...

Okay, that last one, adorable! I can tell you that perhaps she has no idea how cute she is, but I bet she knows how cute you think she is!