Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Accidents Happen

I am a good driver. No tickets for the last 20 years, no past accidents, crash, or hit and run. However, today accident happened. I was coming off the 133north exit on Gateway (Barranca) in Irvine and then....BAM, I felt my car spinning like I was on a skateboard doing 360, 720, 1080. While I was spinning I maneuver away from hitting two cars, 2 street lights but found my self and my poor car in the middle of the intersection intersected. A lady in her brand new Lexus decided to move from her left turn lane and crossed over two lanes in front of another car to go the opposite way (illegally) and just gassed it from her destination until she reached; mine. She seems stunned but acknowledged that it is her fault and was very apologetic for the accident.

I know accidents will happen and should accept it as a part of this mystery call life. I can't help but think that, accepting what comes your way will some how, relived you of the burden that will bog you down. I was bogged down but now I BLOGGED down; and feeling better (not my neck or back) just better and not bitter.

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