Friday, July 18, 2008

Insurance Company from Hell

Just got a call from an Insurance company from hell (from the lady that hit me on Wednesday) and I think my blood pressure just hit the boiling point RED, then some. (which is pretty rare, comparing to my normal self which is at easy going green) This guy on the phone was very smooth, he ask questions that is tricky and made it sound like it was my fault that I was driving straight and his client crossed over two lanes and hit me. Hummm, lets see? when is crossing over two lanes from one side to the other became the normal traffic gesture in Irvine? Never. I got so mad I told him that if I ended up paying for this, a lawsuit will be in the works and he better tell his client that California law is still illegal to go from a left turn lane to right just because she wanted to, and by sending her shady insurance representative to do the intimidation, she'd messed with the wrong Jack! :o)

Will keep you updated...stay tune.

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