Saturday, July 26, 2008

Date of Birth

I just woke up from a long night of dreams. I dream SEISMIC dreams, big dreams I think, but don't remember what I've dreamt about but I know I dream big. Big enough to cause my physical to ache and mind to run amuck. One of the sign that I know I dream big is when I woke up tired than usual, usually it takes me about 30 min to wake up and I would jump in the shower to rinse the sleep away; the past 6 to 8 hours of perhaps wanted or unwanted dreams.

I want today (the date of birth) to be a day of reflection.

Reflect of "the what" in my life, "the why" do I do these things, and "the when" will I do them or continue to do them. Most people on their birthday have a party, go to eat, play golf, surf or just kick it. For me, I like to think. Think about the past year(s) think about tomorrow, think about the "what" "why" and "when". It hasn't always been this way every year. I think it started when I turned thirty and felt that life is more than just being happy; it's about having joy.

I'm a doer and also a dreamer, another word I don't sit around dreaming about life and don't do anything about it. My dreams are not of the nice big house in Lanai or driving a mini cooper around Kauai top down; it simply just to have joy, shared joy and lived the joy out.

Being happy is momentary but joy keeps you going. Going when the going gets tough, going when you can't go anymore. Joy is objective and only sees the destination and not the present. Happy is subjective, it changes with your situation, mood, the color of your hair, weather, okay you're catching what I'm saying.

Joy comes from knowing who you are and who God is. My motive in life is just to love GOD and love His people.

Now to the "what, Why, and When"

The what is,
What can I improve to better my relationship with Jesus and to serve Him better?
What am I doing to better my self and my family, to make them the best loved?
What am I doing to be a better husband to my wife after 12 years of marriage?
What am I doing to be the best dad to my little girl?
What inspires me, to be a better photographer, artist, worship leader, musician?
What is important?
What do I need to trim out of my life?
What is it? that I spend most of my time doing?

Why do the above "what"
Why do what I do? everything from the day to day, weekend, and tomorrow.
Why love, give, care, forgive, embraced,
Why think of these things(jk) why?

I know after answering the What and the Whys the next step is to answer the question of When?

When do I do the what, from the whys?

Hummm, ponder, pondering, still pondering, coffee break, nap, wash socks, eat poke, more coffee, I'm thinking...thinking......

and now selah....(this is when I go off line)

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