Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ho'olaulea = Hawaiian Festival

Nothing like waking up to two most beautiful ladies in the is 9 months old and the other is Mrs. Ratana.

Today is the HO'olalea at Alondra Park by Gardena. We try to go to this festival every year due to the nature that is all Hawaiian. Most of these people are families from Hawaii who have lived in Hawaii and now here. We missed Hawaii period. If we have the chance to move back we would do it in a heart beat. Although, there are some conditions that needs to be met first, like schooling and money. At this festival there will be lots of "Hawaiian" food, lots of stuff from Hawaii, Hula dancers and competitions through out the weekend. Even though, my neck and back is still bothering me I want to be there. May be I'll just lay down under a tree eating shaved-ice and lau lau, wearing my Kamehameha school gym shirt. What a day to spend with my peeps and my two best girls. You should come...Just google Alondra Park in Lawndale and you can't miss it. The festival is both today and tomorrow.

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