Thursday, September 4, 2008

In the quiet...

Stillness I know....silence's calling
It beckons me to wallow....there
there I swell to shelter to be sheltered
calmness rules my heart and my hands
my eyes with the dryness it's brittle to dust
just like the shelves there it sit
in waiting to get un-dust
but not by swiffer nor dust mites
but by wind, calm, illusive, shivers
down my that stillness; I know of...
very well.
Listening to: "The Stand" "United We Stand"

Reading: Revelation 9, Ezekiel 22-24

I don't know about you but sometime, you get stuck in a place;
a place of uncomfortableness. A place of rash, epidemic of melancholically. It's hard to be strong, sometime. Sometime, you want to be weak and push away to a place of solitude where no souls are allow. Nor comfort words that are shallow just to place there to leave a mark. Or a spot of facile superficialness. It's hard to be genuine and sincere especially when you really don't know what to say or do. In my opinion, you really don't have to say much....I think being there without a word speaks volumes. Your action is outweighed the shallowness of your words. Words are letters that are put together to give a meaning. Actions are deeds put together to backup the meaning of your words.

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Sir David Esquire said...

Hey Man!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is my favourite line: "Actions are deeds put together to backup the meaning of your words."


David Esquire
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