Monday, September 29, 2008

H = 1

A year ago on this day at 11:09am; our daughter Hannah came into our world and into our family. It was an emotional time because we've waited a long time for her. We were watching the video from her birth and tears filled our eyes as all of what we were feeling that time, flooded back.
Today is a bittersweet day as we realize she is growing up but also that we love all that she is and slowly becoming independent as each day goes by. We are thankful for her, more so, thankful for the God who gave her to us. She is a gift that God bestowed on us. We remember that God was, is, and will forever be faithful to us in everything. Hannah sums it best in her latest increasing vocabulary where she says "Jesus!" Oh how sweet that little voice that speaks volumes of truth and reminds us as parents that everything should be given to Jesus, especially Hannah..

So, Happy 1st Birthday to our sweetest gift of a baby girl......
Mom and Dad

These are her friends

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Yazy Raclawski said...

Oh Wow she is just so beautiful!! I love your pictures Jack :)