Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We went for a walk today in the late afternoon, and I couldn't help but feel absorbed, steep, imbue, infused, pervaded, permeate with saturation.

purple glides supply
as green gloom with fresh perfumes
blue follows as their feet thrust and push away
as lonely, as hollow, as wide
the hand tics

by this shadows of my heart
stand by this point that pierces...
this way, through the drops I follow...


Bentley Studios said...

I LOVE THESE! I love the RSM lake, surprised we haven't seen you there! HEY, what ar eyou and your family doing tonight....wanna meet at Claim Jumper with our families???


Kristie Blake said...

i love the photos Jack!!! BTW~ loving your brand. Did you always have this? i know..i know...i'm awful with the blogging...but i'm trying!!!!

Ferguson Four! said...

These photos are absolutely breath taking. I love them.