Sunday, September 7, 2008


I really love what I do....Photography is in my DNA and I can not help but get inspired by my clients. I was so blessed this afternoon to do a shoot with Adrienne, Kristin, Erica and Jillian.

These sisters are so beautiful that made my job so easy and flawlessly executed. At first we were stuck in a long line of photographers at this spot on this beautiful and famous beach. But at the same time, I love that I have the freedom to explore and think out of the box, and not be subjective to a "spot" where everyone is at; especially when I have such a beautiful canvas to paint on.

I'm so stoked for Erica for her trip to Europe. Have fun a take lots of pictures.

This one is my favorite!


Jonathan Ferguson said...

Jack, you're AMAZING, as always! You never disappoint!

Laureen said...

Awesome, Jack. Simply awesome.

tammie chin said...


Lori Hampton said...

Believe me as their mother, I know how gorgeous my girls are, BUT your work is absolutely incredible! You have created an amazing masterpiece of them all! Thank you so much!!


Bentley Studios said...

Hey Jack! What's UP!!!!!! Love the family pictures...the poses are awesome cause they look so natural and your close ups ROCK! XXOO